Whatever you think you’re capable of, think again. Think Amplify.

Part 1: The game-changer: Beyond returns through meaningful vision and impact,
with Marthinus van der Nest

Our story isn’t just about managing assets; it’s about blazing a trail through market dynamics with purpose and deep commitment. Intelligence meets impact, made meaningful. That’s the Amplify story.

Game-changing insights: 5 Ways to navigate with a predatory compass

By taking inspiration from the natural world, we can navigate unpredictable waters with greater clarity and purpose. A predatory compass helps guide us to resilience, growth, success and more.

Part 1: Game-changing insights: Inspiring awe: The power of leaning into your own intuition, with Eilat Aviram

There’s a universal truth that holds us back. It causes us to give in to external pressures and over-analysis. But to generate value-driven momentum and inspire others, we need to trust – and lean in.

Part 1: Game-changing insights: It’s about more than content, with Kelly KiKx

Content creation is a whole new kind of business. Understand what drives creators and how the right advice can lead to the kind of success they’re after, and you can enable more than success.

Masterclass: Understanding what running yield tells you – and what it doesn’t

Knowing how to leverage valuable information on running yield can prove invaluable in assessing a fund’s risk exposure.

Top 10: Why to invest right now

In demanding times when there’s excess information, it pays to go back to basics. Here are our top 10 tips and talking points for helping clients navigate the decisions ahead.

Rethink next gen asset managers

Thinking that can change it all.
It starts with our asset managers. Our boutique, next-gen experts. Who work with us to assemble high-value investment propositions that are truly unique. And don’t just claim it. Their agility, active management and proven strategies allow us to rethink what we can deliver with higher conviction. The kind you’d normally find in a multi-manager. We seek them out. We do the diligence.
We don’t just deliver impact, we operate with it.

Assets Under Management

Part 2: Game-changing insights: Venturing into the uncomfortable to redefine your boundary of impossible, with Ryan Stramrood

True growth emerges when you tackle the goals you initially doubt. To achieve them, you have to stretch your mindset beyond what it’s comfortable with, and into the space where the magic happens.

The contrarian take: How to use Hedge Funds to rethink your investment gameplan

Success is never guaranteed. Risk management, when applied skillfully to investing, serves as a valuable tool that imparts a crucial lesson: It’s not just about what you make but also what you keep.

Why boutiques: The 6 ways they’re better equipped to provide Alpha

When diversifying, boutique managers can be especially attractive. Here are 6 ways we believe they’re better equipped to provide Alpha.

Rethinking rate cuts: The oil price, inflationary and exchange rate risks

There’s evident upside risk to the inflation outlook. Does a recent uptick in the price of oil begin to cast a shadow over positive inflation trajectory? Are rate cuts still in the cards for 2024?

Part 1: Game-changing insights: 3 Ways culture and wealth thread, with Mo Flava

For some South Africans, wealth’s about more than numbers. Understanding how culture and money thread in key ways can offer the right, deeper understanding.

Part 2: Game-changing insights: What drives creators, with Kelly Kikx

For content creators, passion leads to financial freedom and ultimately, wealth. Knowing what drives them, what matters and how they define impact, can lead to even greater success.

We subscribe to the United Nation’s sustainable development goals (SDGs) which aim to transform our world by addressing gender, social, economic and environmental issues.

We focus on 5 goals in particular to create the greatest impact.

Investing Intelligently


Using proven investment solutions and strategies, our AUM has grown exponentially, helping our clients in a more meaningful way.

Good Work Foundation


The number of bursaries provided to youth in underserved communities, enabling them to grow skills and improve employability.

Saving our Rhinos


The reduction in poaching within the Kruger National Park (since 2018), through our contributions to the Environmental Crimes Investigation Unit.

Contact us to rethink your gameplan

Give this all some thought. Ask the questions and really think about it, then reach out. We can schedule time to get into what you have and what you’d like to do for your clients.

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