In my speaking career, I’ve asserted that the impossible exists, but it’s crucial to recognise that the true boundary of impossibility lies elsewhere. I often share this wisdom through two distinct lines of thought.

First, there’s the mind’s end point—a point reached in challenging or hostile situations where your mind signals, “I can’t go any further; it’s time to return to my comfort zone for consistent performance.”

On the far end, there’s the real end point—a boundary you should never cross, where things become dangerous, foolish, or irresponsible. However, between these lines lies the realm where magic occurs.

This zone is marked by substantial uncertainty, making you vulnerable.

Yet, by taking calculated steps, embracing a growth mindset, and drawing on research and insights, you enter the domain of growth and transformation. When coaching individuals, I often find they set ambitious goals but have predefined strategies for achieving them, falling into their comfort zones.

To truly expand, aim higher and venture into the uncomfortable. Here, clever solutions are born.

You’ll discover that, more often than not, you’ll reach your objectives, and even in the 10% of cases when you don’t, the lessons learned will propel you forward. Adaptability is crucial in this journey.

Setting and achieving known goals is like a checklist, but true growth emerges when you tackle the goals you initially doubt, leading to novel solutions.

This journey is about personal and mental growth. A growth mindset isn’t just a label; it’s a mindset that should evolve. Embrace risks, because it’s in this space that your growth mindset really scales.