Our money beliefs, which stem from culture, influence our financial path. Early lessons that are taught to us by parents, communities, or caregivers influence how we act and think about money. Reflecting on these, reveals how we need to be mindful of both and in a few very specific ways.

1. Influence lingers: For some, growing up might’ve meant modest living and saving what little you had. But ideas of wealth and a culture of flex might shape your perspective of success. I was guided by my grandmother’s thriftiness. She showed me how important it was to build a financial cushion. These subtle influences, like how important savings is, can linger with us.

2. Communal duty: Culturally, what you’re taught extends to your family. Here, the idea of ‘Motho ke motho ka bathu’ comes in – you are who you are because of others. It’s all about shared financial responsibility. This communal duty inspires contributions to family needs.

3. ‘Black tax’: As your earnings grow, so does your responsibility to uplift family members. Balancing personal growth and community support creates a special kind of tension and a legacy that’s beyond material wealth.

Understanding how culture and money thread enriches thinking and a deeper understanding of wealth: For some South Africans, it’s about more than numbers.

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