The first steps are always the most meaningful

In 2013, our journey began with a daring vision— to unlock the potential of skillful hedge fund managers. We believed in their ability to seamlessly transition their prowess into managing unit trusts. The subsequent five-year incubation period was a testament to our commitment to skill development, culminating in 2018 when these managers, armed with a proven track record, stepped onto the stage ready to reshape the market.

Beyond managing assets, Amplify’s essence tapped into a unique DNA of risk management. We didn’t set out to just navigate challenges; we proactively wanted to seize opportunities. The market shocks merely provided us with a canvas to showcase our resilience and strategic capability.

Building a resilient distribution network

Our strategy extended beyond empowering managers; it was about addressing the challenges faced by smaller asset managers. We understood the resource constraints they grappled with. Then being part of the Sanlam group meant it wasn’t just a label; it could become a strategic advantage that could allows us to forge a vast distribution network. This way, our managers could focus on their craft while we could focus on raising assets .

Becoming a catalyst for purposeful change for financial advisors

Fast-forward to today, and our recent campaign targeting financial advisors is really a call to arms, an invitation to rise above challenges in a low-return environment. We purposefully sought to understand the struggles financial advisors face. The campaign wasn’t just about providing tools; it was about arming advisors with the resilience to navigate market challenges.

Skills that ignite transformation: Risk management

In the world of boutique asset managers, we place a premium on skills, especially risk management. Translating hedge fund management skills into a dynamic approach to unit trust management is our forte. Our managers are not just guardians of wealth; they are navigators, adept at steering through market fluctuations.

Intelligently unleashing potential

Our brand intrinsics go beyond picking the best; they involve unearthing hidden gems through rigorous research. We instill trust in financial advisors by showcasing our commitment to nurturing talent, building brands, and scaling up businesses.

Impactful partnerships and visionary citizenship

Beyond market dynamics, our heartbeat resonates with impactful partnerships and visionary initiatives. We align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, championing anti-rhino poaching efforts and addressing youth unemployment through grants to the Good Work Foundation.

An intelligent vision that amplifies a future possibility

Reflecting on our journey since 2018, lessons of humility and simplicity stand out. Looking ahead, our vision transcends mere market dominance. It’s about bringing transformative products to the market, delivering consistent returns, and embracing adaptability for the uncertainties that lie ahead in 2024.

In essence, the story of Amplify isn’t just about managing assets; it’s a story of trailblazing through market dynamics with innovation, purpose, and a profound commitment to impact. As the financial landscape evolves, Amplify stands as a beacon of inspiration, driving positive change and redefining the very essence of investment management. Thank you for being part of our dynamic journey.