Throughout your life, money and culture play a key role in the mix of financial decisions you need to make. This thread (as we’ve seen) shapes our financial mindset, reflecting who we are and what we want out of life.

But on-going financial demands force us to rethink this thinking. We must fine-tune our financial strategies as we enter new stages in our life. But we mustn’t forget that, whatever that new strategy is, it needs to thread with where we’ve come from and who we want to become.

And as we enter these different stages, new priorities become clear. We shed some of that need to flaunt excess, and begin to focus on more long-term priorities. Especially as we get older, we seek certainty and security. We want to look after our loved ones and hopefully lay the foundations for something greater.

This is why being empowered through financial literacy is so important. And why having an adviser is so critical. Their role is to demystify all of this, bridge the gaps, gain trust and help us really understand.

Being open and candid, recognising the unique threads of money and culture, and genuinely wanting to help advise an individual’s financial aspirations can create a strong relationship to build on – and successfully achieve goals that thread culture and wealth.