In the flow of money and culture, our upbringing shapes our financial perspectives. Often, we outpace friends in the journey to success, so we feel the need to want to bring them with us. There are always complexities when it comes to culture and wealth. Here are the most important to remember.

Self-centredness is a thing: The need to pursue personal growth and fuel a career is there. So is the need for maintaining our own mental well-being and accumulating our own wealth. Yes it’s about community, but it’s also about individuals. 

Family and personal duties: The layer of complexity that influences financial decisions. Often, our choices are driven by short-term needs, so we need to have short-term means at our disposal, like more liquid assets. But as with all things money related, this diverts attention from our enduring financial goals. Focusing on what’s right, right now, is tough. 

Money as a badge: Wealth can give you a sense of belonging. It can elevate your status and social standing. So how do you balance getting to where you want to be and be seen, without forgetting who you are and where you come from? 

Seeing this flow between culture and money and how it affects one another helps us better understand what drives us as individuals, and helps us achieve balance – for ourselves and those who depend on us.