In my speaking engagements, I share an unfiltered, authentic story. It’s a story that resonates deeply and has dramatically altered my outlook on life, decision-making, and the enigmatic power of our subconscious.

Understanding this inner realm is like decoding a complex puzzle guiding our everyday choices, be it in sports, family dynamics, or financial matters.

Become hyper aware

Without awareness, we risk drifting off course or missing solutions to our challenges.

Think about my extreme open water swims. Regardless of meticulous planning, unforeseen hurdles inevitably emerge — a sudden weather shift or a run-in with a multitude of stinging blue bottles. So, do I find the fortitude to persevere or do I pivot while adrift miles from shore?

Learn to zero in

The answer lies in breaking colossal problems into bite-sized pieces.

Instead of obsessing over the full distance, I zero in on reaching the next milestone or enduring just another half-hour. This mental strategy empowers me to surmount daunting obstacles, making them more digestible.

Adapt and trust

Through 134 swims from Robben Island to Blouberg Beach, each unique, I’ve learned that preparation and research are vital, but so is the ability to adapt and forge your own path amid challenges.

It’s about trusting your instincts, gauging your true limits, and devising innovative solutions even in adversity.

Life, like swimming, requires us to view overwhelming challenges as a series of manageable tasks. This perspective grants us immense control over our journey, even when storms rage. It’s a mindset that transforms obstacles into stepping stones for growth, demonstrating that we can weather any tempest.