All Weather Capital has managed a market neutral strategy since 2017. The Amplify SCI* Enhanced Equity Retail Hedge Fund is a market neutral strategy, which All Weather Capital will manage into the future. The fund seeks to exploit investment opportunities unique to some specific group of stocks while maintaining a neutral exposure to broad groups of stocks defined, for example, by sector, industry, market capitalisation, country, or region. The strategy holds long/short equity positions, with long positions hedged with short positions in the same and related sectors. As a result, investors in the fund will to a large extent not be affected by sector-wide events. The net exposure – long positions minus short positions – of the fund can vary from -50% to +50%.

Source: Morningstar 31 January 2023. Since Inception of the All Weather Capital Market Neutral hedge fund strategy (September ’17)

*Sanlam Collective Investments

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