Hedge Fund disclaimer


While CIS in hedge funds differ from CIS in securities (long-only portfolios) the two may appear similar, as both are structured in the same way and are subject to the same regulatory requirements. The ability of a portfolio to repurchase is dependent upon the liquidity of the securities and cash of the portfolio. A manager may, in exceptional circumstances, suspend repurchases for a period, subject to regulatory approval, to await liquidity and the manager must keep the investors informed about these circumstances. Further risks associated with hedge funds include: investment strategies may be inherently risky; leverage usually means higher volatility; short-selling can lead to significant losses; unlisted instruments might be valued incorrectly; fixed income instruments may be low-grade; exchange rates could turn against the fund; other complex investments might be misunderstood; the client may be caught in a liquidity squeeze; the prime broker or custodian may default; regulations could change; past performance might be theoretical; or the manager may be conflicted.