In finance, achieving investment success demands the right blend of performance, honesty, and insights. Recent research that was conducted by Amplify Investment Partners goes deeper into the heart of financial advisers’ aspirations, shedding light on the intricate nuances that drive their decisions and, as a result, shapes investors’ futures.

In an ever-evolving market, understanding the desires of advisers and investors is critical in formulating an investment strategy that generates mutually beneficial outcomes. The research demonstrates the profound impact of aligning these desires, propelling both parties toward prosperity.

The study has unveiled compelling insights into the specific information, insights, and knowledge that advisers look for. These elements empower advisers to provide nuanced guidance to their clients and make well-informed investment recommendations.

Among the surveyed advisers, a resounding consensus emerged regarding the qualities their clients seek in money managers. Foremost among these desires are predictability in performance and returns, underpinned by a bedrock of honesty and transparency.

Additionally, advisers emphasised the importance of comprehensive support, certainty, security, and structural integrity in investment strategies. Notably, a unique and distinct investment philosophy emerged as a defining factor.

Marthinus van der Nest, Head of Amplify, reflected on these findings, affirming: “The alignment between investor and adviser aspirations is palpable in our study results. Yet, we remain attuned to the research’s insights, continually enhancing our approach to ensure consistent improvement and delivery.”

Van der Nest underscores a crucial aspect of Amplify’s strategy – the incorporation of independent managers with distinctive investment philosophies. This approach, highly favoured by advisers and investors alike, stands as a cornerstone in Amplify’s success, providing a conduit to fulfil investors’ aspirations and ambitions.

The research also delves into the intricate psychology of investing. Amplify’s findings reveal that investors often grapple with impulsive decisions driven by short-term market fluctuations. Van der Nest believes that Amplify’s fund managers, guided by a focus on superior risk-adjusted returns, are uniquely positioned to counter these detrimental tendencies.

Adviser feedback data showcases an overwhelming openness to recommending a shift to new investment avenues, underlining the potency of Amplify’s approach. The reasons behind these referrals range from outperforming inflation to cultivating trust. The advisers value consistent outperformance against benchmarks, investment philosophies, brand identity, engagement ease, and the accessibility of investment insights.

Central to the research is the revelation of key drivers that steer investment decisions. These include the quality and depth of information available before investment, the extent of knowledge about the investment, the envisioned impact on the investor’s life, belief in decision outcomes, and the promise of positive, effortless experiences.

Respondents articulate a desire for freedom, independence, and life enrichment through their investments. Amplify, attuned to these desires, is collaborating with prominent thought leaders and visionaries to fortify the investment community. This partnership aims to refine risk assessment, bolster decision-making, instil effective habits, and cultivate personal brands. Speakers, performance coaches, entrepreneurs, authors, and brand managers are joining forces to equip advisers with the tools to navigate turbulent waters with composure.

Van der Nest concludes, “Our research insights have catalysed transformative changes in our strategy, offering advisers new avenues for contemplation. Through this alignment, enduring benefits are poised to enrich all stakeholders on this journey.”