2020 has caused investors to redefine value, to question the investment practices of the past and to re-evaluate the concept of meaningful contribution.

“As the world slowly emerges from lockdowns which devastated economies globally, investors are increasingly asking if it can really be back to business as usual,” says Marthinus van der Nest, head of Amplify Investment Partners.

“In some sense it is. From an investment point of view, we continue to rely on our hand-picked next-generation asset managers to manage our range of top performing unit trusts and hedge funds and preserve and grow clients’ funds in order to secure their futures, and we continue to prioritise performance to protect their wealth.”

Amplify is increasingly sensitive to the investment challenges its clients face, given the uncertainty of the past months, and of the critical importance of growing their retirement savings, leaving a legacy for their families and making a meaningful impact on surrounding communities. This philosophy of investing with a conscience extends to preserving our wildlife heritage and uplifting communities.

“We are in the business of helping our clients grow their money so that they can achieve their goals, and, equally, in the business of making a meaningful social and environmental impact and helping to preserve our environment for future generations.”

To ensure that Amplify’s contribution is meaningful, it supports conservation initiatives that focus on protecting and saving wildlife, and uplifting the communities living alongside these conservation areas.

To help tackle youth unemployment, it has partnered with the Good Work Foundation to provide young people in rural and marginalised communities with practical skills in hospitality, IT and general management to boost their employability.

The Good Work Foundation’s Travel and Tourism Academy focuses on connecting young rural South Africans with opportunities in the growing industry of wildlife tourism.
“If you think about helping to uplift people and the economy by creating jobs, looking after the environment and excellence in tourism, there will be more money in the economy, more flowing into investment and greater economic growth,” van der Nest says. “Upliftment creates better opportunities for all.”

Apart from using a percentage of fees for environmental and upliftment projects, all of Amplify’s underlying managers subscribe to ESG principles and screen investments as such.

It is time to change what we value,” van der Nest concludes. “While the investment priorities are critical for Amplify, making an impact is important too. When you invest with Amplify, you help make this possible.”