Amplify Investment Partners has received regulatory approval to rebrand its seven hedge funds under the Amplify name.

The funds include a multi-strategy hedge fund run by Obsidian Capital, two long-short equity hedge funds managed by Peregrine Capital and Oyster Catcher Investments and four fixed-income hedge funds managed by Marble Rock Asset Management, Terebinth Capital, Acumen Capital and Matrix Fund Managers.

Amplify, which also has seven traditional long-only unit trusts, specialises in appointing independent agile managers to manage its funds. This strategy has seen it attract record inflows on the back of strong performances across its portfolio of funds.

The hedge fund DNA expertise and mindset of Amplify’s fund managers – of both its unit trusts and hedge funds – have been differentiating factors in its performance and ability to capture as much upside as possible while offering investors downside protection.

“Amplify’s hedge funds are being rebranded to more clearly identify Amplify as the company responsible for these products”, says Head of Amplify Investments Marthinus van der Nest. “Since the start of our journey, we have gained a proven track record of identifying South Africa’s top next-generation asset managers. We continue to build on this legacy with our retail hedge fund range now under the Amplify brand, which further demonstrates the independence of our underlying asset managers.”

The funds were previously under the Sanlam brand, having been launched initially under Sanlam Blue Ink Investments.

Current fund name New fund name
effective 10 March 2022
Next-generation manager
Sanlam Alternative Gamma
Retail Hedge Fund
Amplify SCI* Multi-Strategy
Retail Hedge Fund
Obsidian Capital
Sanlam Alternative Rho
Retail Hedge Fund
Amplify SCI* Real Income
Retail Hedge Fund
Marble Rock Asset
Sanlam Alternative Theta
Retail Hedge Fund
Amplify SCI* Managed Equity
Retail Hedge Fund
Oystercatcher Investments
Sanlam Alternative Lambda
Retail Hedge Fund
Amplify SCI* Enhanced Equity
Retail Hedge Fund
Peregrine Capital
Sanlam Alternative Vega
Retail Hedge Fund
Amplify SCI* Income Plus
Retail Hedge Fund
Matrix Fund Managers
Sanlam Alternative Veta
Retail Hedge Fund
Amplify SCI* Diversified Income
Retail Hedge Fund
Terebinth Capital
Sanlam Alternative Zeta
Retail Hedge Fund
Amplify SCI* Absolute Income
Retail Hedge Fund
Acumen Capital

Amplify, Sanlam’s partnership with boutique asset managers, approaches investing with the goal of creating a lasting, meaningful impact. This philosophy extends beyond the focus on fund performance to provide investor with superior growth at minimum downside risk. It extends to making a tangible difference in the world by allocating a portion of its revenue towards environmental conservation and social development projects.

Amplify, which has over R3.7bn assets under management in its hedge funds, has attracted R1bn from Linked Investment Service Providers (LISPs) since the first hedge funds were launched on the Glacier platform in July 2020. Glacier Invest remains Amplify’s largest supporter of its hedge funds, including them in its living annuity solutions. In addition, Amplify has found a range of applications for intermediaries and fund of hedge fund managers.

Van der Nest points out that Amplify differs from other hedge fund managers as its funds are managed by several different award-winning asset managers constructing portfolios around specific client risk and return needs, rather than having just one capability.

He believes that Amplify’s growth has shown there is investor appetite for these kinds of products, although they are prevented by regulation from inclusion in traditional unit trusts.

*SCI – Sanlam Collective Investments