Amplify Investment Partners has launched its first global equity funds to extend and diversify investment options for its clients.

“This is a natural progression for our fund offering,” says Amplify head Marthinus van der Nest. “We currently have funds that cover mostly the multi asset categories, but we are thrilled that we have expanded this offering to cater to the needs of many investors who are looking to diversify their local exposure.”

Amplify has added a dollar-denominated fund to its existing range of unit trusts and hedge funds, and will imminently launch and a rand feeder fund. Demand for offshore funds remains strong and changes to Regulation 28, increasing the offshore exposure limit to 45%, have created further opportunities for a good global manager, Van der Nest says.

Amplify’s dollar-denominated fund will be managed by Sarofim & Co, an independent, employee-owned global investment manager dedicated to high conviction, sustainable-growth investing with a 60-year successful long term track record of outperformance while taking lower risk.

The fund is a large cap equity fund with broad sector exposure, investing in dominant companies in structurally attractive industries that will grow earnings at sustainable above-average rates. Its mandate is to beat the MSCI World Index in US dollar terms through market cycles, with less risk. 

Sarofim & Co, with $25bn assets under management, has a long track record of delivering on clients’ expectations, with the fund complementing Amplify’s existing range of high-performing funds.

“It has been quite a challenge to find an investment manager internationally that we have high conviction in and that has not had exposure to the South African market. Sarofim & Co, based in Houston, Texas, fits exactly into what it is that we strive to find – a high quality manager focused on delivering performance for clients while partnering up with us for distribution.”

Sarofim & Co invests in shares with superior profitability and leverage characteristics, cash flow and dividend growth, lower volatility, downside protection, and a history of outperforming in volatile markets.

“These are the strategies we look for in our managers, and our track record in our local funds has been exemplary. We believe we have identified similar opportunities with our global fund, and we are excited to get started.”

“We hit the floor running with significant experience and expertise behind us, both as an investment manager ourselves with high standards and proven ability to pick high-performance active managers, and through a global fund manager that meets our exacting criteria,” Van der Nest says.  “Over time we will look at opportunities to add further capabilities to our global range to generate meaningful returns in more industries, on more continents, for longer.”

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