Amplify Investment Partners’ next-generation fund manager, Truffle Asset Management, has won first place in the inaugural 2021 CityWire South Africa Awards for its management of the Amplify SCI* Wealth Protector Fund in the Mixed Assets – Conservative Fund category.

“To have two funds nominated in the category is a great achievement by our research team as well as both of our next-generation asset managers at Matrix Fund Managers and Truffle Asset Management. Their ability to steer through difficult and volatile markets over the last number of years proves the value of smaller managers to adapt quickly,” says Marthinus van der Nest, Head of Amplify.

The Citywire South Africa Awards recognise the fund managers and asset management groups with funds available in South Africa that have shown the best risk-adjusted performance in recent years.

Citywire has announced winners in nine categories, with separate awards for fund managers (individuals or teams) and groups. The best fund manager awards are calculated using three-year risk-adjusted performance, while the group awards are calculated over seven years.

The Amplify SCI* Wealth Protector Fund, managed by Truffle Asset Management, delivered 11.42% and 9.16% compared to the peer average of 7.61% and 6.36% over the three-year period and since inception, respectively, as at the end of October 2021. Earlier this year, the fund also won first place in the 2021 Raging Bull Awards on straight performance over three years in the multi-asset low equity category. The fund recently acquired its five-year track record, ranking number one, and number two since inception. Its recent wins “prove the point that smaller managers, with their agility, are able to adapt to the difficult markets” according to Van der Nest.

The fund is a multi-asset solution with a cautious risk profile for investors that have a three-year investment horizon. The fund aims to provide investment protection over a rolling one-year period, as well as generate income over the medium term at low levels of risk. It invests across different asset classes with exposure less than 40% exposure to equities, 60% to bonds and 50% for cash. Its benchmark is CPI +3% over a three-year rolling period.

Over the last couple of years, with global investment markets characterised by volatility, Amplify found itself ideally positioned with its choice of boutique managers, many of whom have hedge fund backgrounds, with the ability to act quickly and use a variety of investment tools to excel in a challenging investment environment. “Our strategy of picking the best independent next generation asset managers to actively trade in volatile markets has produced consistent returns for our clients,” says Van der Nest,

The agility that is necessary to succeed in volatile markets has driven financial advisers to look for what boutique managers have to offer. “We believe we are positioned exactly where financial advisers are seeing themselves placing business going forward.”

“The world of investing has changed, and one has to look at alternative areas for alpha. This is why our funds have thrived, as we are able to provide low correlated returns from portfolios that are optimally diversified and actively managed,” Van der Nest says.

*Sanlam Collective Investments


Amplify Investment Partners (Pty) Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sanlam Investment Holdings and an authorised Financial Services Provider. Sanlam Collective Investments (RF) (Pty) Ltd is a registered Manager in terms of the Collective Investment Schemes in Securities. A schedule of fees can be obtained from the Manager.